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Online Resources for Music Education.  Links to online resources for music and non-music teachers. This list is by no means complete! Please contact Virginia you have a link you recommend.

Music Education Resources

Combining Music and Creative Arts in Performance.  Examine how the collaborative process works and identify methods to combine sound, visuals, and movement.

Collaboration Clinic

Online Resources for Performing and Visual Arts Teachers.  Links to online resources for performing and visual arts teachers. This list is by no means complete! Please contact Virginia you have a link you recommend.

Teacher Resources

Educational Clinics and Guest Conducting Services. Description of educational clinics and guest conducting services provided by Virginia.


Curtis Conducting Syllabus. The syllabus for the Elements of Conducting Class at Curtis.

Conducting Syllabus

A Conductor’s Approach to Interpreting Transcriptions for Band. Develop criteria to select transcriptions for performance and strategies to interpret transcriptions.

Transcription Clinic

The Conductor’s Part Isn’t Always in the Score. Explore a range of practical applications on leadership, stage etiquette and conducting technique that you can use to fulfill the multiple roles of a conductor.

Conducting Clinic

Etiquette for Performers. Tips on proper etiquette for musicians in rehearsal and performance.

Performance Etiquette

Tips on Taking a Successful Audition. Winning an audition means more than getting all the notes right. It also involves non-musical elements that many people overlook. Here are some of Virginia's tips on how to make your best showing at an audition.

Audition Tips

Music Publications.  Please click here for more information on my music publications.

Aleatoric Band Music.  Dr. Anthony Pursell, Assistant Professor of Music and Assistant Director of Bands at Kansas State University, created a list of over 100 aleatoric titles in the band repertoire with assistance from other members of the College Band Directors National Association.

Aleatoric Band Music

Organizing a Personal Listening Library. Dr. James L. Tully, Director of Bands at Coastal University, offers advice on how to organize your personal listening library.

Organize a Personal Listening Library